An update on the Hybrid Skyrim Mod…

Hi all, I’m overdue for an update so here we go…

The mod is still alive, some a bunch of bug fixes and improves planned for the next update. Thank you very much for everyone who has provided meaningful feedback and proposed ways to fix or improve things.

Also big thank you to everyone who’s been helping each other out in the comments section. The feedback and the community is what keeps me interested in this project 🙂

So the last 6 or 7 months has had me delve deeper into game and mod development in order to try and develop more features for this mod. I’m entirely self-taught in my spare time so it takes a while.

This has lead to some other mods being worked on including an unconventional weapon pack, an armor and appearance mod for werewolves / vampire lords, and even tinkering with a building/construction mod.

With these lessons in-tow I’ll be turning my attention back to this mod – the others will be released at some stage as well.

Stay awesome guys 🙂

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