Mod plans and timelines

Howdy, and thanks for stopping by.

With all the work I have been doing in the background I figured I should share some indications of what I have planned in the next couple on months.

At a high level, this is what I’m planning – subject to change, so I may edit/update this post:

– Mid-July – Universal Imperious Patch – allowing Imperious racial abilities on any custom race

– Late-July – more bug fixes and compatibility tweaks to Tainted Blood Hybrid mod

-August-ish – an unusual weapon mod pack that I’ve had 90% complete for yonks

-August-ish – a light weight, non-destructive universal custom race compatibility patch… theoretically more compatible than the existing Race Compatibility mod… but with some extra inputs required from the player

-September-ish – some custom races I have been working on. In addition to choosing the race at the start… These races are typically derived from the existing vanilla races, and thus can actually be changed to mid-playthrough if you choose. An example is a potion of youth could turn you into a child / teen of your existing race.

-September-ish – A werebeast mod enabling more werebeast features on-top of existing mods like Growl and Moonlight tales.

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