Tainted Blood v5 released

Hey all – new version of True Hybrid – Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn is up now – v5.0.0

As mentioned in the lengthy notes on the mod page – the main differences are the ability to completely customise your hybrid human race appearance, and many other bug fixes and stability improvements.

Apologies for the long gaps in updates – life has been busy, and this whole mod project is a giant learning experience for me as I’ve had to teach myself everything from scratch as I’ve never done anything like this before. I had to “pivot” a few times when trying to introduce some of the appearance features, but learnt a lot and will be releasing a few of these features into separate mods to keep things simple and manageable.

Mods like this that modify mechanics & engines also require thorough testing and I want to ensure I things are nice and stable for you guys to enjoy.

I still have long-term plans to introduce some kind of hybrid shape-shift form, and now that I can do some basic model modifications…. it’s actually feasible! lol. This will be a couple of months away yet (assuming I still have time and don’t get burnt out on this).

Keep the comments and feedback coming 🙂

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